Casa Kinich Childrens Museum


Casa K’inich Chidren’s Museum


Casa K’inich Children’s Museum

To cultivate the next generation of Hondurans to care for the World Heritage Site of Copan, the Copan Association collaborated with Honduran, Guatemalan, and US designers, scholars, and builders, and “Casa K’inich” opened in February 2002.  Casa K’inich, or “House of the Sun” has been featured in newspapers and magazines in six nations. Since opening, it has welcomed over 100,000 visitors. Children learn through play in this interactive learning center. Visitors dress Copan’s nobles with magnetized clothes, try on ballgame equipment and watch a re-enactment of the ballgame, practice Maya math and writing and learn how to count in Ch’orti’, a Mayan language.  The Copan Association, the Copan Maya Foundation and PROFUTURO/COHCIT (World Bank), financed this project under the sponsorship of the former First Lady of Honduras, Mrs. Mary de Flores.  In 2012 it was refurbished, updated and new exhibits have been added with funding from the Copan Maya Foudation.  There are now 41 interactive exhibits in Casa K’inich.   The Copan Association was named a partner institution  in 2012 for the IDB Cultural Development Grant Program and received funding for a “Mobile Museum” which takes Casa K’inich on the road to communities that do not have economic resources to visit the Children’s Museum.  Over 2000 participants of all ages have attended presentations of the Casa K’inich Mobile Museum which travels to outlying communities.  Casa Kínich is the only child based learning center located near a Mayan ruin.   It is located in Fuerte Cabañas overlooking the village of Copan Ruinas, Honduras and is (PLEASE NOTE HOURS ABOVE) .  School groups may set up an appointment by calling the Director at 504.2651.4103 or writing