Completed Projects

1. Project Profuturo Copán
2. Reforestation/School Nurseries
3. Rescue and Stabilization of the Acropolis River Cut
4. Investigation and Consolidation of Temple 10L-16 & Rosalila

5. Design and construction of The Sculpture Museum of Copan 1994
6. Expansion of the Sculpture Museum Conservation Program
7. Management Plan for Los Naranjos
8. Copan International Conference 2001 ¨Science, Art and Religion in the Mundo Maya¨
9. Expansion of Casa Kínich in 2004
10.  Copan International Conference, 2007 ¨The Art of Power in the Mundo Maya¨
11.  Expansion and Relocation of Casa Kínich to Fuerte Cabañas 2008.

12.  Expansion and Modernization of The Centro Regional de Investigaciones        Arqueológicas (CRIA) which is the heart of archaeological investigations in Copan.  The building was inaugerated 2008

13. Restoration of Fuerte Cabañas; built in 1940 its unusual design made it an asset to Copan´s history and it is the current site for many cultural activities.  Fuerte Cabañas was inaugurated in 2008.
14.  CIAVAC Consolidation and waterproofing vulnerable areas in the Acropolis of the Ruins of Copan 2012.

15.  “Guaras en Libertad, La Belleza Regresa”  2011, 2012, 2013 three tiered program that releases Scarlet Macaws back into the wild of the Copan Valley.  The program consists of an educational component, a breeding program and a conservation program.  Over 5000 youths have benefited from this program funded by the Copan Maya Foundation.
16.  Refurbishing and addition of exhibits in Casa K’inich Children’s Museum December 2012.
17. Named as a partner institution and receipt of $5000 Grant  for the 2012 Cultural Development Program from BID to complete the Mobile Museum Project through Casa Kínich Museo Escolar.

Top right: Tessa de Alarcon prepares props for the 'excavation.  Top left: some of our fake Maya artifacts.  Bottom right: the excavation begins.  Bottom left: participant signaling her satisfaction with two successfully lifted fragile artifacts18.  Logistics organization of University of Pennsylvania Museum first Conservation Workshop February, 2013.
19.  June, 2013, the Copan Association began the Proyecto Maya which educates youths about their Maya Culture.  Over 400 Children participated in the program funded by the Copan Maya Foundation and INHERIT.
20.  June 5, 2013, Copan Association received placed second for the Premio Nacional del Ambiente XV Edicion,  in the nation for the bilateral project with Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary, “Guaras en Libertad, La Belleza Regresa”.
21. September 27, 2013 the Copan Association and the Macaw Mountain Bird Third Release of Scarlet Macaws back into the wild
22. Management Plan 2014-2020 Archaeological Site of Copan.
23.  February, 2014 Copan Association began two programs in area Schools, the continuation of “Guaras en Libertad La Belleza Regresa to an additional 400 students and “Proyecto Maya” a cultural education program about the Maya both 100% funded by the Copan Maya Foundation