Completed Projects

1. Rescue and Stabilization of the Acropolis River Cut
2. Investigation and Consolidation of Temple 10L-16 & Rosalila
3. Design and construction of The Sculpture Museum of Copan
4. Management Plan for Los Naranjos Archaeological Site, Lago de Yojoa
5. Casa K’inich Childrens Museum
6. Copan International Conference, 2001 and 2007
7. Regional Development Project in the Copan Valley (IHT, Banco Mundial)
8.  Guaras en Libertad: Reintroduction of the Scarlet Macaw in the Copan Valley

9.  CIAVAC Consolidation and Waterproofing Vulnerable areas in the Acropolis of the Ruins of Copan (IHT, BID)