Copan Maya Foundation

Funding Projects – Copan Maya Foundation

In December 1999 the Copán Maya Foundation was founded in Santa Barbara, California to facilitate the Copán Association with financial and human resources from the USA to realize projects in Copán.  The Copán Association has received important assistance from the Copán Maya Foundation in many areas:

Since 2011, the Copan Maya Foundation has funded the Educational Component of “Guaras en Libertad La Belleza Regresa”.  To date over 5000 youths have received educational courses on the conservation of the Scarlet Macaw; the national bird of Honduras.  Copan Maya Foundation has also funded research studies for the Tumba Oropendola, provided funding to remodel the Casa Sharer; which will be used to house archaeological students.  The Copan Maya Foundation has also supported creation of pamphlets, guidebooks, and funds maintenance of Casa K’inich Children’s Museum as well as providing support for travel and lecture circuits.  To learn more about our US partner, please visit