DIPA Copan

DIPA Sites – Copan

Located within the Copan Valley, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Copan is home to what was once a major ancient Maya center of civilization. Today it attracts 160,000 visitors annually and ranks as one of Honduras´ primary tourist destinations.

At Copan, DIPA focused on implementing urgently needed components of the park’s Management Plan. This work included the renovation and expansion of the Center for Archaeological Investigation (CRIA), which was inaugerated March 25, 2008.  The CRIA is the base for all archaeological research and serves as a storage center for excavated artifacts. There were also renovations to the park entrance with improved signage and parking, expansion of the current Visitor’s Center, and a complete remodel of its presentation to the public. Within the park, a system of trails and informative signs have been installed to guide visitors through the site. Finally, a program for the protection of monuments at Copan will be created to ensure the conservation of the site’s archaeological resources.