The DIPA Team

Who is DIPA?
The DIPA consulting team offers meaningful advice from a variety of disciplines: Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Architecture, Interpretation, Conservation and Park Management. In addition to in-house advisors, DIPA has a wide network of international advisors they call upon as needed.

Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle

Agurcia received his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Duke University and his Masters in Archaeology at Tulane University in 1977. Author of numerous essays, books and publications, he is a national leader recognized internationally for his scholarship, dedication to Copan and his intelligent management style for parks and archaeological heritage.

Vito Veliz

With a Masters in Archaeology from University of Kansas, Vito was the director of the Archaeology Department for the IHAH from 1975-1991. He did further post-graduate training at the University of Texas and studied with the late Dr. Linda Schele. Vito is known for his work in archaeoastronomy and as a teacher at the Central American Observatory of the National University of Honduras (OACS-UNAH).

Tenoch Medina

Tenoch received his degree in architecture from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and went on to receive his Masters in Conservation and Restoration from the National School of Conservation, Research and Museography (ENCRYM) in Churubusco, Mexico City. Tenoch offers the team important insights to conservation and restoration of cultural and architectural heritage.

Leonel Marineros
Leonel has his undergraduate degree in Biology from the National Autonomous University of Honduras and his Masters in Wildlife Management from the University of Costa Rica. He studied the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) at the University of Andalucia, and took graduate courses in Biology and Poisonous Species in Brazil. He is the author of The Serpents of Honduras and co-author of the book Mammals of Honduras.

Jessica Dyson
With an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Georgetown University and a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University’s Nicholas School for the Environment, Jessica will lead the technical team regarding visitor interpretation, signage and public outreach.

Carlos Gastelum

Carlos has used his architecture degree from University Jose Cecilio del Valle to focus on tourism facilities and landscape design. He is a gifted computer technician and designs 3-d models using state of the art software. His can-do attitude and attention to detail contribute greatly to the team.