Funding Projects

In order to create and sustain long-term commitments for the ancient site of Copán, regional ecosystems, and the modern community of Copan, the Asociación Copan created partnerships to accomplish their goals.  Seeking and managing national and international funds with intelligence allowed Copan to manage its future with clarity.

We take our role very seriously in helping care for Copan through this century and into the next.

Copán Maya Foundation

In December 1999 the Copán Maya Foundation was founded to facilitate the Copán Association with financial and human resources from the USA to realize projects in Copán, Honduras and surrounding areas.  The Copán Association has received important assistance from the Copán Maya Foundation in many areas:

Support for the creation, operating costs, pamphlets and guides for teachers and maintenance for the Casa K’inich Children’s Museum
Scholarships for Honduran researchers, Speakers (Community Conferences)

Improvements in the offices of the Copán Association
Improvements in the Copán Association Store
Informational website

Public relations and communications with relevant institutions
Support for travel and conference series

Community Service:
Professional Series to bring North American specialists to Copán

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Fondo Naturaleza J. A. Ewing

The Juan Agurcia Ewing Nature Fund was created in 1996 at the request of Director Marco Rietti, in honor of the life of the diplomat, statesman, businessman, and naturalist, Juan Agurcia Ewing (1921-1992). The purpose of this fund is to promote the conservation of the environment, protect the natural heritage of Honduras, and support the integration of human communities into the natural environment. The fund has basically worked with Cervecería Hondureña, S.A. to create nurseries in the schools of Copán Ruinas and thus stimulate the planting of native trees in deforested areas.

Born in Tegucigalpa, “Jack” Agurcia was one of three children of businessman Ignacio Agurcia Midence and Janet Ewing Toulmin, daughter of John Ewing, the first United States Ambassador to Honduras. Juan Agurcia’s studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and Tulane were interrupted by World War II. He returned to Tegucigalpa, married Lisette Fasquelle in 1944, and together they had Juan, Ricardo, José María, and Jorge.

During the mandate of Dr. Ramón Villeda Morales (1957-1963), Juan Agurcia was Secretary of State and during the mandate of Dr. Roberto Suazo Córdoba (1982-1986), he served as Ambassador of Honduras to the United States. During this very difficult period of war in Central America, Jack’s intelligence, calm, and grace were frequently discussed.

Jack excelled in the Honduran business and banking communities. He founded the Hotel Honduras Maya, the Honduran Insurance Company and Inversiones Patria, among other companies. He was President of ANDI and, for a long time, a member of COHEP.

One of the legacies that he left to all who were close to him was his enormous respect for our land, its history and its creatures. In his memory, this fund for nature extends, to future generations, his message of protecting the natural resources of Honduras.


In 1993 the Copan Association awarded a scholarship to Jorge Ramos. Ramos studied Archaeology at the Universidad del Valle in Guatemala and graduated at the top of his class. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the U.S. and completed his Master’s Degree in Anthropology and went on to obtain his doctorate in Archaeology at UC Riverside, in southern California in June, 2007.

 In 1997 the Association granted a scholarship to Aida Isabel Cardona Lemus for a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism. She later received a CASS Program grant, and attended Broom Community College to study Hotel Quality Control. She completed her studies July 2001.