Management for Los Naranjos

Completed Projects -Management Plan for Los Naranjos

(May 1996 – November 1996)

In May 1996, the Copán Association received financing from the Honduran Fund for Social Investment (FHIS) to create a management plan for an archaeological and ecological park at the site of Los Naranjos, on the north shore of Honduras’ largest central lake, Lake Yojoa. The site is a very ancient city with artifacts indicating occupation around 600 BC.

The document we created was designed to provide the government of Honduras with a practical, efficient, and feasible plan of action for the development of an archaeological and ecological park at Los Naranjos.

The work was finished in November of 1996 and the Master Plan for the Management and Development of the Archaeological and Ecological Park of Los Naranjos was presented to the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) and FHIS.