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Common Ground Garden Builds Bridges

COMMON GROUND GARDEN in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

CASA K’INICH CHILDREN’S MUSEUM  Copan, Honduras The Casa K’inich Children’s Museum, and the The Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum (MCARLM), based in San Lorenzo County Park, California completed their garden project begun in 2014 which was funded through a Museums Connect grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the American Alliance of Museums.

Both Museums completed gardening days, video conferencing days and after school projects.  In April of 2015, the Monterey Count Agricultural and Rural Life Museum team visited Copan Ruinas to see the garden site and meet the participants.  The three day intercultural exchange was filled with activities including visits to the ancient ruins, town museums, sculpture museums, a cheese making factory and on the final day there was a barbeque at the Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve.  In May, 2015 the Casa K’inich Children’s Museum team visited King City, California and toured agricultural developments; a winery, seed planting operations and toured northern California agricultural areas.  These two unforgettable intercultural visits culminate the Common Ground Connecting Communities through Gardens project which began in June of 2014.  All participants young and old have come away with new friends, and a knowledge about each others communities and they all plan on keeping in contact in the future.   The experience is one that won’t be forgotten especially by those Hondurans who had never traveled beyond their town.  The travelers to California were surprised to find that Spanish is the main language spoken in most of the agricultural areas and met many other Hondurans along the way who now live in the United States.