Copan Conference

Copan Conferences
II International Congress at Copan, 2001
¨Science, Art and Religion in the Mundo Maya¨

In July 2001, the Honduran Tourism Institute, Archaeology Magazine and the Copán Association, sponsored the “The Copán International Conference: Science, Art, and Religion in the Maya World.” This highly successful event was sold-out months in advance and featured an exchange of outstanding Maya Studies scholars from diverse disciplines.
There were 21 lectures by scholars from 12 nations about Maya Literature, Art and Religion. Unlike conferences where scholars speak to scholars, this conference focused on sharing current research with a wider audience. It drew over 400 people from 9 countries and was a resounding success.  Ricardo Agurcia was the coordinator of the lecture series and the Copan Association was the headquarters for this event.

III International Congress at Copan, 2007
¨The Art of Power in the Mundo Maya¨

In June 2007, the Honduran Institute of Tourism, Archaeology Magazine and the Copan Association again were hosts to another highly successful international event.  ¨The Art of Power in the Mundo Maya¨ was held after the success of the second conference in June, 2001.  The Round Table discussions so popular in the 2001 event were the most attended event with conference goers interacting with the 20 International Maya Scholars from around the world: Honduras, Japan, Australia, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and the United States were among the many countries represented in this highly successful conference.  Along with the Speakers Presentations, a Ritual Maya Ballgame was presented with the ballplayers in full Maya costumes presenting the original game as it was played over a thousand years ago.  It was the first presentation of its kind in Copan.  Also held was a culinary event featuring local Maya dishes, folkloric dancing, and a handicraft presentation such as handrolled cigars, coffee roasting, and chocolate being made in its original form from a centuries old recipe.  A farewell concert featuring Honduras´own Guillermo Anderson and the Papaya Orchestra, which consists of only ancient instruments was the dramatic culmination of an incredible experience.  Ricardo Agurcia, Executive Director of the Copan Association was again the coordinator of the lecture series and Master of Ceremonies.  The Copan Association´s offices served as Headquarters for this event.