Completed Educational Projects

The Casa K’inich Teachers Guidebook is written in Spanish and is available for free.  It represents a significant step on the journey of cultural literacy in Honduras.  The Copan Association and the Santander Program for the Research and Study of Maya Monuments rewrote the guidebook in November, 2017. 

“Casa K’inich” or “House of the Sun” (CLOSED SCHEDULED FOR RE-OPENING IN FEBRUARY 2022) Since opening its doors in February 2002, it has welcomed over 100,000 visitors. Children learn through play in this interactive learning center. Visitors dress Copan’s nobles with magnetized clothes, try on ballgame equipment and watch a re-enactment of the ballgame, practice Maya math and writing and learn how to count in Ch’orti’, a Mayan language.  The Copan Association, the Copan Maya Foundation and PROFUTURO/COHCIT (World Bank), financed this project under the sponsorship of the former First Lady of Honduras, Mrs. Mary de Flores.  In 2012 it was refurbished, updated and new exhibits have been added with funding from the Copan Maya Foundation.  There is no entrance fee for children and adults are asked to pay $1.20.  School groups should call ahead to arrange special tours (504.2651.4103).  Casa Kínich operates solely on donations.  For more information please contact us at

Guaras en Libertad La Belleza Regresa (2011-2015) The Scarlet Macaw population is being cared for and protected by an upcoming generation of educated children and adults whose interest is in preserving the birds as a visual and tourist attraction in the wild.  It has developed an environmental conservation ethic among the inhabitants of Copan who take pride in their unique resources and breaks the current chain of trapping and killing of Honduras’s own rich heritage of resident Scarlet Macaws.  To date 6000 children have participated in the educational program.  This project is the only one of its kind in the world that exists where a wild population of Scarlet Macaws lives in such close proximity to a populated valley.  Education administered and funded by the Copan Association along with its sister organization the Copan Maya Foundation has produced a caring population brought up to protect them now and in the future.  In 2014 all participants visited the Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary to see other wildlife from the surrounding areas funded by the World Parrot Trust who serve as technical advisers for the program.

Proyecto Maya:  The Proyecto Maya teaches Honduran youth about Maya heritage through workshops, lectures and cultural exchanges.  It was taken over by the Copan Association in 2013 and in 2014 was fully funded by the Copan Maya Foundation and implemented by the Copan Association.  The program’s focus is on 5th and 6th graders.

Student Visits Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve: February, 2014 the World Parrot Trust provided funds for 800 students to visit Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve.  The students are transported to the Park, receive a guided tour and are provided with a snack at the end of the tour.

Common Ground Connecting Communities through Gardens: August, 2014 Copan Association received funding from U.S. Department of State for “Common Ground Connecting Communities through Gardens” a children’s garden program done in collaboration with Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum in California.  The garden site is located at Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary.  This project was completed in 2015.