The Copan Association is dedicated to the research and conservation of the Honduran culture and natural heritage.  Primarily work has focused on the indigenous, Maya heritage of the Copan Valley in Western Honduras.  We work within Honduras partnering with international organizations on archaeological or Maya cultural programs that are funded by national and international organizations such as the World Bank.  As consultants or liaisons we carry out projects designed to educate, enhance the cultural history experience of visitors, and preserve Honduran heritage for future generations.  Founded in 1990 and guided by leaders in Mesoamerican research, the Copan Association has been directed since its creation by Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle, Honduran archaeologist and community leader.  Honduran business people and philanthropists work with national and international scholars on our board of directors to guide this institution.  Our offices are located in the small town of Copan Ruinas, in western Honduras, one kilometer from the Maya archaeological site of Copan and three blocks from the town’s main square.

We promote and support:

  • Research, education and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Honduras.
  • Training for Hondurans in Anthropology and related fields.
  • Projects that promote intelligent stewardship of the cultural and natural landscape.