Asociación Copan

Asociación Copan is dedicated to the research and conservation of the Honduran culture and natural heritage. Its work has primarily focused on the indigenous Maya heritage of the Copan Valley in Western Honduras.

Areas of Influence

Asociación Copan directs its efforts toward three areas which it considers important in meeting its objectives:



Education is a fundamental part of development in a country; not only does it allow the inhabitants to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and discover new opportunities; it also helps promote their relationship with national values.  Education provides inhabitants with knowledge to appreciate the cultural legacy left by their ancestors.  It is important to teach new generations and the general population about their cultural heritage.



The value of archaeological sites is indisputable; not only does it offer a window to the past in understanding ancient cultures and learn from them; it strengthens the feeling of national identity for the inhabitant.  Cultural heritage, through tourism, can provide new economic income opportunities for local communities.  For these reasons the Asociación Copan feels conservation and preservation of cultural heritage is of vital importance.


Community Projects

To change and transform a society, it is necessary to develop the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and wherewithal among community members.

For Asociación Copan the development of community projects that help the general population identify elements that offer new opportunities for improving quality of life in the community is of vital importance

Contact Us

Contact Us:
The Copan Association
Casa Yaxna
Avenida Los Jaguares
3 Blocks West of Central Park
Barrio El Centro
Copán Ruinas, Honduras
Central America
Telephone: Honduras (504) 2651-4103