Protecting Sacred Space

Protecting Sacred Space Published in 2016 about the eccentric flints discovered in the Copan Valley.  Available through Amazon Price $35.00

The Secrets of Rosalila

The Secrets of Rosalila Was published November 2014 by Ricardo Agurcia F. with photography by David Beyl.  It is available for $30 plus shipping.  Please contact for more information

Kingdom of the sun

Kingdom of the Sun by Ricardo Agurcia F. photography by David Beyl.  Released in June, 2007 this book is in its third printing and is available through Amazon.  A perfect addition to your collection of books on the Maya.  Beautiful photography, written in English and Spanish.  Price $26.00

Common Ground Garden Cookbook

Common Ground Garden Cookbook Recipes from Copan Ruinas, Honduras and King City, California USA compiled by the 40 participants who gardened in both countries.  The book is available as a free PDF written in Spanish and English. Email your request to for a free copy.

La Cultura Maya en Copan

The Third Edition of the student workbook La Cultura Maya en Copan has been updated and rewritten.  The workbook is geared toward fifth and sixth graders and teaches about Maya heritage and culture.  It is written in Spanish and was published in 2013.

The Monument Manual of Copan Volume 1

The Monument Manual of Copan Volume 1  (Manual del los Monuments de Copan Volumen 1) can be ordered online.  It is available as a hardback in color ($97.40 + shipping) or a soft cover ($25.00 plus shipping).   The manual is written in Spanish and English.  This first volume of the Copan Monuments Notebook encompasses those monuments in the Great Plaza of the Main Group of the site. The work will continue with two more volumes, one focusing on the Acropolis monuments and the other on those monuments in the valley

History Carved in Stone

History Carved in Stone: A Guide to the Archaeological Park of the Ruins of Copán This 66-page booklet is the most popular guide for the ruins of Copán. Published in 1992; reprinted in 1998 it was re-written in 2007 and updated by authors Ricardo Agurcia F., and William Fash.  Available in Spanish and English. Price $6.00 and is available in gift shops.

Los Antiguos Mayas y el Valle de Copan, Honduras

Los Antiguos Mayas y el Valle de Copan, Honduras is a teacher’s guidebook (written in Spanish) for the Casa K’inich Children’s Museum in Copan, Honduras.  This guide was originally published in 2003 and the 2018 version is available on request from the offices of the Copan Association.  Please contact us at for more information.

Guaras en Libertad La Belleza Regresa

Guaras en Libertad La Belleza Regresa is a highly successful conservation project started in 2011 whose goal is to release the Scarlet Macaw back into the wild in the Copan Valley where it once flew freely.  The educational modules are currently only available in Spanish and you can download them below.