About the DIPA Project

Using the Past to Sustain the Present

DIPA is a technical team formed in May 2004, headquartered at the Copan Association and directed by Honduran archaeologist, Ricardo Agurcia F. DIPA offers advice to the Honduran Ministry of Tourism (IHT) pertaining to certain aspects of the World Bank-financed Copan Valley Regional Development Project (PDRVC).

The PDRVC uses archaeological tourism as one poverty-reducing strategy to benefit rural Honduran communities. Using Copan’s success as a framework, DIPA will advise the government about meaningful tourism infrastructure as well as cultivating informative and engaging experiences at several currently undeveloped Honduran archaeological sites.

Micro-credit loans, business grants, a series of educational trainings, guiding workshops, and craft courses have enhanced the opportunities of small entrepreneurs living near these five archaeological parks.



Cerro Palenque

El Puente

Los Naranjos

Plan Grande